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Sigh. Levi’s- An incredible heritage brand that need not try to be anything but America’s most stylish denim and work clothes. Levi’s Photo Workshop has opened in the old Deitch space today providing a communal space for every-man to come get their photo on with camera rentals (vintage!) and more.

Professionals will photograph you in the studio (also open to commercial shoots I believe) and invite you, and assist you in touching up your shoot on their fleet of macs with the creative suite. You can then have your photo printed out on site on either photo paper, poster paper or a very fancy white tee. ALL services rendered gratis.

Oh, they sell Levis too… Cords and jackets. All proceeds go to one of five borough charities with a focus on youth, photography and art.

The Photo Workshop will host several, well …workshops, featuring local notables with an interest in photography such as April Bloomfield (yummy chef), Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and esteemed photographer Bruce Davidson amongst others. These series will be regularly scheduled through December.

Community and craftsmanship are the pillars of Levis’ brand essence and this pop-up is a mindful and exciting representation of those pillars. Go forth… go. There’s so much that will be happening here.

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